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Personal and Attentive Medical Dermatology

Get the skin treatment you need today by scheduling your appointment with Julie, Chris or Kim over the phone. We are also happy to get you the answers required before coming in and will give you an idea as to what you should expect. Please call us as soon as you notice any symptoms.

putting cream on skin rash

Treatments for Medical Dermatology

Dr. Richard E. Neils is well-versed in many different types of medical dermatology treatments. He also maintains this knowledge by dedicating himself to continued education in his field. He took the time to study internal medicines to hone his skills when diagnosing and treating your condition. He can also offer minor procedures in office for pre-cancerous growths. Below are some of the treatment options you will find by working with the doctor and his staff:

  • Acne creams and topical cortisone creams
  • Antibiotic topicals and oral antibiotic for acne and infections of the skin
  • Antifungals and antivirals
  • Oral medications like antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs, anticancer medications
  • Oral cortisone and cortisone shots
  • Biologic drugs
  • Accutane

Help with Autoimmune Skin Disorders

Autoimmune disorders and diseases can affect many parts of your body. However, when they attack your skin, they are more apparent, and the symptoms are easier to recognize. Dr. Neils can help you identify these issues and develop a personalized treatment plan. Some of the most common autoimmune skin disorders that Dr. Neils treats include Lupus, Morphea/Scleroderma, Behcet’s Disease, and Dermatitis Herpetiformis. While these diseases cannot be cured, we will provide effective therapy to help manage the symptoms.

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