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many moles on man's back

Fast Skin Cancer Diagnosis in Oconomowoc and Watertown, WI

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States of America. Dr. Richard E. Neils is the expert in diagnosing and treating this abnormal growth of skin cells in the body. With early diagnosis, Dr. Neils will recommend the most effective options to slow the spread of the disease or even remove pre-cancerous growths in office. If you suspect that you have a precancerous growth or other symptoms of skin cancer, call us today to schedule an immediate appointment.

Skin Surgery and Skin Cancer

In the same way you need a hammer for one job and a saw for another, a number of techniques are available in skin surgery. But it all starts with the right diagnosis. You might have warts, moles, keratoses, cysts, lipomas, Basal Cell Skin Cancer, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, or Melanoma . Dr. Neils experience, trained eyes, and knowledge allow him to immediately know what kind of growth is concerning you. Then, after a simple discussion of options we can get down to business. You and Dr. Neils will decide whether liquid nitrogen, creams, superficial surgical removal, or surgical excision is the best for you. Since the doctor wants to be efficient with your time, almost all procedures can be done on the spot. Other dermatologists may inconvenience with three visits with what Dr. Neils can do today.

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